Bigfoot Sounds

Bigfoot is one of North America’s most intriguing mysteries.  With Bigfoot and Sasquatch mythologies growing at a rapid pace due to the ease of access allowed by the internet age, Bigfoot encounters have come to light more frequently than ever before.

While many of these supposed sightings have been debunked by scientists, many others remain unexplained to this day.  Even more elusive than Bigfoot sightings are audio recordings of the animal.  Various Bigfoot sounds have haunted residents and enthusiasts alike and the noises these creatures are said to make are as varied as sighting reports.


In 1978, Alan Berry is supposed to have captured a full CD of sounds reportedly made by a Bigfoot creature.  They combine growling noises with whistles and were captured in the mountain range of California.


Bigfoot Sounds

The oldest known recording of Bigfoot vocalizations is from 1972 in Oregon, where a Bigfoot was allegedly sighted and audio was captured.  In this recording, a “whooing” sound is reported to be coming directly from the animal in question.

Whooping or Whooing sounds have also been captured repeatedly in Kentucky and elsewhere where Bigfoot sightings are less frequent than in the Pacific Northwest.  These sounds are often combined with other vocalizations that lead researches and enthusiasts to believe that the Bigfoot is capable of a variety of vocal patterns and can possibly communicate with others of its own kind.


In Washington, a more frightening rendition of Bigfoot vocalizations was captured by Marlin Ayers in 1973.  This recording was infamous for frightening the residents surrounding the area of the noises and the Bigfoot in this location was named the Screamer due to its terrifying and intimidating vocals.

Similar screaming noises were captured over a period of almost a year by a local resident.  These screaming vocalizations are reported by three different locations over a two-decade long period and independently seem to confirm each other, although the people behind the recordings never met.  Three independent recordings of almost-perfectly identical sounds may lend some credence to the idea that Bigfoots may scream.

In 1993 in California, reported Bigfoot screams were also caught on audio recordings and seemed to confirm the recordings made previously in Washington.  This recording is the best recording to date of supposed Bigfoot screaming vocalizations and has been independently researched and analyzed many times by various Bigfoot enthusiasts as well as varied interested parties.


There have been reports of a mumbling type of speech among Bigfoot’s. Incredibly enough, there have been reports of Bigfoot speaking Indian dialect and even English sounding words, according to some eyewitnesses.

All of these alleged recordings of Bigfoot or Sasquatch vocalizations are in audio form only, and are widely available on the internet.  However, no video exists that shows an alleged Bigfoot making any noises whatsoever.  Any vocalizations caught on audio seem to be isolated incidents.  Many people believe that these creatures make noises when not confronted by a sighting, or that it is a part of their natural behavior apart from human interaction.

Human sightings that have been caught on video or told by eyewitnesses don’t seem to include any type of vocalization whatsoever.  To date no known video consists of a sighting combined with an apparent vocalization made directly by the creature in question. In all fairness, most mainstream scientists explain the various sounds as animal misidentification and various natural forests sounds.

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